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12/03/97         I went to see The Crystal Method last Friday.
                    It was an awesome gig, really cool laser show too!

                       The counters I have don't work very well so ..
                     F*ck 'em!Hehe!I'll just have to get a new one.
                     I wish I understood HTML!!!!

                        I'm goin' to see Sevendust  this friday. And I'm
                     off to Atari Teenage Riot on the 18th.

11/20/97         Well, I went to see Prong on Tuesday and Ted
                   Parson's was not tossing sticks for them. So, that
                   might mean that Ted is really full fledged  w/ the
                   Godflesh. I sent the info to Slateman and he
                   should find out what the deal is, evntually anyway.
                   It was a pretty good show; it was like Tommy
                   Victor and a whole new band. As for Prong , they
                   didn't reveal anything about a new record or
                   anything to come!
                      Also, I'm thinkin' about going to KMFDM. If I
                   attend I'll fill ya in!

11/17/97         Well, thank God my counters are up and  
                            going. I changed the wallpaper in the AFX section
                            too. I'm hoping to be listed by the search engines
                  soon also.
                      I won tix to Crystal Method & Atari Teenage Riot
                  too! Lucky me! I NEED a guestbook!

11/12/97       Created new intro section, added images to Aphex
                   section, cleaned up  Painkiller section(running out
                   space here!)Plan on removing original news and B.
                   S. file. Found new site entirely devoted to Scorn(co
                   ol graphics & shitty info)Going to see Prong on
                   the 18th......later!

  Welcome to my news and b.s. section for this new page.I have to admit that I'm pretty bummed out and disghusted w/ more things than I can mention. However the pages must keep on truckin' and I have to oversee there progress. Lucky me, yeah right.
  I'm not sure if the Scorn page will see the light of day; I can't seem to find enough images to even make it worth my while.The same pic of M.J. Harris has been distributed throughout the net and I'm really tired of it.I know someone who has a few in mags. and such but getting it scanned will be another hassel.
  As for the cult movies page........I hope to eventually do that. I know there are an abundance of them already but I would at least try to make mine a little different. Some gangsta stuff,some obscure, and some war stuff. Of course there would be others that wouldn't dare fit into any of those categories at all.
  If you like crazy ass music this site and the others in conjunction w/ it are gonna really be cool. I'm really gonna do the F.L.A. page so you can count on it coming.They have a new album approaching and I want to be part of the FLA web community.....maybe I could join the ring. A godflesh ring would be a nice idea also.Maybe Slateman and the people w/ the shitty sites will go for it.Just maybe.
  I hope to put some info on the pages about Meat Beat Manifesto soon as well as a link to the official site.I put up a small section on Aphex Twin recently w/ some links to some of the better pages concerning him.
  I want to get up a lot of links to record labels I think are cool which have cool signees.There's just so much to do ya know?


                                More to come later!!!

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